Website launch Mary Blaze Blaze Works StudioA website launch is, indeed, an Event worthy of being my first announcement.  So it is with gratitude that I salute my website designer, Michael King, and thank him for his work, carried out with skill, knowledge, patience and understanding.

Michael is also an award winning painter and instructor.  See his broad range of paintings and the workshops he offers at

It was Marney-Rose Edge who recommended Michael to me for his design work and support through the site management learning curve.  To her, I am much indebted, for her friendship, her advice and her sense of fun, with “Thank you,” being only a down payment.  Follow her for everything from pet portraits to paint brushes at

In my acknowledgements, I think of Sherry Cooper of, my friend of ten years, with a four year joint-venture and website overlap, and with whom I share a studio.  My thanks go out to Sherry for her unhesitating encouragement to develop a website specific to my art practice, BlazeworksSTUDIO; so very much appreciated.