“Rhythms” is worked on a 24” (61 cm) by 93” (236 cm) piece of white vellum, using charcoal, oil pastel, oil glazes, erasures and retroussage.  It is archivally floated, matted and backed under plexiglass and maple framed to outside dimensions of 35” (89cm) x 102” (162 cm). alexander marshack

The imagery suggests the pre-literate mark making found on stones, bones, antlers and ivory, as researched by Alexander Marshack, who hypothesizes that the markings represented the moon’s phases and were therefore calendars for the ancient peoples.

As such, my intent in distressing the surface of this work is to create a sense of antiquity around the artifacts’ ciphers.

“Rhythms” is ideally suited for a corporate or educational centre atrium or board room and is conservatively valued at $6000.00 Cdn, plus crating, shipping and handling.