Sheila with Paintings

Vincent Massey, of the Massey Report on Canada’s arts and culture, is for whom the theatre was named.  The well respected, New Westminster born artist, Joe Plaskett, is the gallery’s namesake.  Both would understand the drama, the intent and the painterly quality of this exhibition.
The beach beneath Sheila’s feet, as expressed in her paintings, is typical of British Columbia’s coast and reads as a literal accounting of the power of the elements: tidal erosion, the sun’s bleaching and drying, the shifting sands, and the wind’s forces of change. In some cases life and death unfold.Beach Sands - Massey


Feathers Log MasseyFloating Kelp - Massey

Each detailed painting is a close-up of the tidal zone landscape. Each is created in the traditional manner of acrylic and sometimes oil paint.  The largest work is thirty-six by forty-eight inches, with some at thirty by forty and four at twenty-four inches square. There are fourteen paintings in total.
Within the formal properties of art, such as colour, form, space and composition, Sheila pushes the boundaries.  She uses a full-on, vertical perspective for dramatic impact within the context of the natural environment and its ecosystems.
Sheila does Massey and Plaskett proud by painting her story.


Feather and Tide Wash - Massey

The Massey Theatre, Plaskett Gallery
735 Eighth Avenue, New Westminster, B.C.
The exhibition runs from 2 February – 27 February, 2016
Hours: 1:00 – 5:00pm Tuesday through Saturday

From Vancouver, Eastward:
Exit Highway 1 at Canada Way (exit 33). Turn left onto Canada Way. Follow Canada Way as it becomes 8th Street. Turn left onto 8th Avenue.

From Port Mann Bridge, Westward:
Freeway to Brunette Avenue North (second Brunette Exit). Follow Brunette to Braid Street (first light).
Turn right onto Braid. Follow Braid as it becomes 8th Avenue.

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