Liberating Left

During a summer’s art retreat on Howe Sound’s beautiful Gambier Island, I share an idea with a friend about an exhibition of works to be done entirely with my left hand. She suggests that it could be called, “Liberating Left”. You see, on being born left handed in the 1930s, my parents see this feature as a deficit and, along with teachers of my early elementary schooling, conspire to reverse my natural inclination.

And so it is that my fine motor control: writing, detailed drawing and painting, and hand crafts are all done, a droit.

On return to my studio, I pin three 22” x 30” pieces of black rag paper on the wall, and begin to work intuitively with chalk firmly in my left hand and with my eyes closed, towards my proposed series of twelve drawings.

Nothing is pre-determined.  As the chalk traceries reveal their direction, I consciously re-work them with crayons to develop the images seen here, faithfully done, a gauche.

Thus, after over eighty years, I am finally “Liberating Left.”

These works are floated on archival backing, and matted, to outside dimensions of 35” x 30” (90 cm x 76 cm) and are valued at $1290.00 each, plus crating, shipping and handling.

Warrior Woman with Man Servant and Shield

Idea Machine

Warrior Woman with Drum