Artist in Her Studio

What to Do with an Old Water-Stained Piece of Building Paper?

Creation begins coincident with my husband’s attempt to discard an old, water-stained 18” wide roll of building paper.  In a spontaneous act, I retrieve it, tear off a nine foot length onto my studio floor, and go to work.

My stack of newspapers, used to protect studio surfaces from over-brushings and roll-outs, is at hand.  Therein are my first images for collage.  As I place them randomly on the substrate with acrylic medium, I begin to see window frame forms, across the horizontal length.

Onto the suggested squares and rectangles, I collage scanned and printed drawings from my sketch books, along with some recently completed drawings and prints.  From this point on, the work is directing me, as different from me imposing conscious determinations onto it.

I am in my studio, driven to using things at hand.  I look around me and my ink bottle comes into focus, so, with Caran d’Ache water soluble crayons, I draw it.  A friend had left a luscious looking, red-skinned pear, and I draw it, too.  This work is becoming a very personal statement, but now a shift takes place, as I add my Dad’s lantern and my Mom’s lamp into the spaces at each end of the paper.  These two, coupled with my own central candle and candlestick, bring the work into the realm of heritage, and here it is: the cross-over of my two abiding passions, art and genealogy, having come unbidden into visual coexistence.

I wonder if, during the elapsed year of this work, the undemanding nature of the remnant from our house building project, gives me the freedom to work at a sub-conscious level, to create “Artist in Her Studio,” but whatever, it is something to do with an old piece of building paper.

Artist in Her Studio is varnish finished, and conservatively valued at $3800.00, Cdn., plus crating, shipping and handling.

Full Work

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Wild Flower Bouquet

Dad’s Lantern with Bouquet

Dad's Lantern

Dad’s Lantern

Knitting Bag

Knitting Bag


Ceramic Vase


Mortar and Pestle


Candle & Candle Stick



Ink Bottle

Ink Bottle

Mom's Lamp

Mom’s Lamp

Tea Cup

Mom’s Lamp with Tea Cup