Ancient Notations

My work is comprised of marks and ground: charcoal and graphite lines, dots and slashes, embedded into heavily textured surfaces as drawings and paintings.

It has been hypothesized that the earliest archaeologically identified, deliberate marks, were those of ancient peoples notating the phases of the moon to record the passage of time.[1]  This concept resonates in my psyche and conflates with my belief that women created at least some of those marks.  The marks therefore, have become a metaphor for the time factored female experience: a body consciousness that has nourished my paintings and drawings since 1997.

As my images evolve, the gradual subsuming of the marks into the surfaces upon which they rest becomes apparent.  Here is body, mind and soul at work in a composite expression of personal aesthetic.

My visual language is simple, my imagery, universal, yet as one, they translate into deep emotional responses.  Sometimes I am saddened by what is revealed, sometimes dismayed, occasionally shocked.  Always I see a fortitude that I claim from my family blood lines, and I am heartened.

These 36” square (91.44 cm square) oil paintings on canvas are framed, to outside dimensions of 38.75″ square (98.42 cm square) and valued at $2400.00 Cdn., plus crating, shipping and handling.

[1] Marshak, A. 1972. The Roots of Civilization. 2nd edition, 1991, Moyer Bell: New York



La Pileta

Le Soucy

Placard Baton IVb